About SapphireBloom

Hi there! I'm Pooja Ramalingam! Welcome!

I am an immigrant female currently working in one of the FAANG companies focussed on a career in tech, ex-leader at Bank of America. I was in New York for the last 6+ years and have recently moved to Seattle and enjoying the weather :)

Interest and Hobbies

  • When I'm not buried with work and assignments, I'm usually chilling with friends, watching movies (scifi and thrillers are my favs) and my recent hobby includes cooking. I'm also passionate about taking long walks in the city or doing a couple medium hikes over the weekend.
  • I am passionate about dance, certified classical dancer and performed at various events in my former years. These days I'm more into contemporary fusion dance (love Bollywood dance)

Fresh content, delivered

  • I share all things I've learned over the last decade working in fintech/tech spaces with remarkably great leaders. My topics mainly revolve around women being able to achieve successful and sustainable tech careers along with being able to have a mindset towards holistic personal well-being. I am also passionate about travel, so hoping to share more of that with you as well.
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